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Uncle Ed

Hi. I'm Ed. A son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, an uncle, a husband, a father, a grandfather and... a foodie.

Growing up around some of the most well-known Deli's in New York, I've always loved the entire local Deli experience. The smell of the fresh breads, the smiles on the owners' face when he watched someone enjoying his creation, the pride taken when slicing the meats; the camaraderie, the trust, the familial feel. Everything.

My nephews used to love when I would take them to my favorite Deli on Houston Street. As they got older, and I got married with kids of my own, the visits got more and more infrequent.

"Uncle Ed! Please take us to the Deli", I heard often.

We would laugh it off, but deep down inside it always tugged at my heart. I missed the visits too. I missed the quality food. I missed "the family".


I decided to replicate the experience right in our kitchen. I proceeded to do this every Sunday. Over the next 20 years my kids, my nephews, the entire family and many friends, would gather around the table and enjoy my creations. Fresh deli meats, the finest cheeses, newly baked, warm breads, smiles, laughter and love.

Then the kids moved out. Got married. Had kids of their own. And life in the 21st Century hit me right over the head. This generation is so stressed. They are just trying to keep their heads above water. They don't have the time. They don't have the easy access. Many of these Deli's don't even exist any longer.


So "Uncle Ed's Pantry" was born.

I feel it is my obligation, desire and commitment to help the busy families of today with convenience, quality ingredients, and feel-good creations. 

Together we are going to change the way people think about "convenience and food". Gone are the days of frozen, 6-month shelf-life sandwiches and snacks. Say goodbye to artificial meats, cheeses and processed foods. No more "NEED" for a fast-food drive through.


You deserve better.


One taste of an Uncle Ed's creation and you will understand.

Trust me. We're family. Welcome to my Pantry.

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